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TRAINING E.G.B. : Gabriel Valseca School, in Palma de Mallorca. 1 F.P. of Electronics: Liceu Balear School, in Palma de Mallorca. ACADEMIC COURSES Programmer Analyst FIP242 cod. EMIN14 (434 Hours) from 08/01/2005 to 11/15/2005 about JAVA, C, SQL, UML languages. SELF-DIDACTA COURSES Analog and Digital Electronics ( High level ). Programming Software in QBasic, Visual Basic ( High level ). Graphic design ( Medium-high level ). MS-DOS, Windows ( High level ). Office automation ( Medium level ). Repair, configuration and assembly of computers ( High level ). Computing in general. BASIC KNOWLEDGE: Electricity Mechanics Hardware Carpentry Plumbing Painting Bricolage in general ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ANALOGIC / DIGITAL ELECTRONICS Design of circuits (Schemes and PCBs ) on: Peripherals for computer Alarms Lighting Power supplies Audio amplifiers Home automation Electronic instrumentation General purpose circuits Multimeter Management, Oscilloscope, Function Generator, Software. Circuits / Equipment developed. - Personal. 3 axis CNC milling machine (Mechanical Structure) and parallel port LPT control circuit. Automobile Audio Amplifier (4x60 W nominal) with SMPS power supply. Lights psychedelic for local or automobile, with automatic volume control. Generator B.F. with AM and FM modulation, based on the XR2206 chip. Logico basic analyzer of 8/16 inputs to visualize in Oscilloscope. MIDI Musical Decoder. Automobile Alarm. Various electronic circuits. - For businesses. Design and Assembly of Electronic Circuit and PCB to detect breakdowns of a bowling alley, and register them in a computer through its corresponding software. COMPUTING Programming Win32 API, ActiveX and OCX controls with Visual Basic 5.0 / 6.0 Audio, Graphics, DirectX, Hardware Control. Software developed. - Personal. CNC Milling Control Program. Database for electronic transistors. MIDI music sequencer FM synthesizer with MIDI input. Oscilloscope for Sound Blaster. Design of PCBs with Auto-Routing. General programming modules. - For businesses. Software (Visual Basic 5) to detect and register breakdowns of a bowling center, through an electronic circuit through the parallel port LPT.