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Are you looking for an alternative to the IDE of VISUAL BASIC 6.0 ???

After looking for alternatives to the legendary RAD, and knowing that many programmers miss him, due to its easy and fast learning, to develop visual applications for the operating system WINDOWS. ToolsDevelop decided, start developing a project, that it will replace this programming tool, so popular all over the world. Some of its characteristics, for now, are:

- It will allow to import projects (VBP) and forms (FRM).
- The compiled EXE file does not require the runtime DLL to run.
- The size of the executables is relatively small.
- The menus and keys will be practically the same, so that it is more comfortable to the time to use the environment.
- When you start the program (F5), it will compile the code and execute the EXE, as in majority of RAD.
- ...